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Cleopatra costume


As much as I love to sew, I REALLY love to make costumes. This year I decided to go with Cleopatra. I used Mccall’s M4954 to make this costume.

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. I did make some changes to it. Instead of using a gold fabric I used a gold pleather. It was really easy to work with and added a nice texture to the gold pieces of the costume. I also went with the main costume being black. I know it should have been white, but I just can’t pull off that color. Plus with all of the rain we have been getting there is no way I’m walking around the neighborhood in a full length white dress.

I also did hand bead work around the color and on the head piece.


And across the belt I did hand embroidery of Egyptian symbols. The embroidery itself was very simple, but because I was embroidering pleather, I wasn’t able to trace my pattern on the material. So I had to do the embroidery with out a pattern on the fabric. It turned out ok and only a few of the circles turned out a little wonky.

Over all I’m quiet pleased with the way this turned out. Looking forward to wearing it next week.

Embroidery Floss

So when I started doing embroidery, my mom gave me all of her old embroidery floss. I was super happy to get it…except all of the floss showed up in a big bag. So really what I had was a giant tangled mess.


This wasn’t a great situation so I started looking around for solutions to my problem. I happened to find a great floss case in my local craft store. I was thrilled. I started by getting one box, but it really didn’t take too long to realize that I needed two. It took about 2 weeks of winding floss on to bobbins at night while watching tv (And that includes help from my husband). But the results were worth it.
embroidery floss

Ribbon Embroidery

I just finished up some ribbon embroidery. This was one of the plaid ribbon embroidery kits.

ribbon embroidery

I like the plaid kits alot. They are great for a type of embroidery that I’ve never done before. It contained instructions and all the stuff that I needed to finish up my project.

More towel embroidery

I’ve finished another batch of towel embroidery. All things concidered I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out. Faces and hands seem to be pretty difficult for me. The detail in these made them take way longer to complete than the other ones.

space towel