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baby gifts


I went to a baby shower for one of my college roommates. I of course wanted to give her some hand made items. So I made a hat, socks and a baby blanket.

The baby blanket was made using a granny square pattern, but I just made one very large granny square(instead of many small ones connected with a border between them). I alternated rows in blues, browns and whites.

Standard granny square pattern:

to start:
ch4, join the 1st and last with a sl st.

round 1: ch3, 2dc into ring, ch2, 3 dc into ring, ch2, 3 dc into ring, ch 2, 3 dc into ring, ch2. Join to the beginning of the round with a sl st.

round 2: sl st the next 2sts, ch3, 2dc (don’t dc into the stitches, they need to go in the open space). ch2 (for the corners) , 3dc, ch1. Continue this pattern for the rest of the round.

All other rounds: sl st to the next corner space. 3dc, 2 ch, 3dc for the corners and 1ch 3 dc 1ch for the sides.

Just keep doing rounds until the blanket is the desired size. The blanket was finished with a standard shell stitch edging.

Shell stitch. ch3 dc5 (into the same st) ch3 sc. repeat that pattern all the way around.

Dr Who Amigurumi

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I love Doctor Who. The new Doctor who episodes are ok, but nothing beats the old ones from when I was a kid. Those are my favorite and my favorite Doctor was played by Tom Baker.

Well, I knitted my parents a dalek last year. Since giving them the dalek, it has run amok in their house. So I thought this was the perfect chance to get to make them another doctor who related item. And because Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor, I thought it was only right that he be the doctor that I made to help keep the dalek under control.

I searched the internet, but I couldn’t find a pattern for a Tom Baker Doctor. So I adapted snuffykin’s pattern to make my doctor.

I used a mix of different yarns. I think a majority of the doctor was made out of red heart. It is easy to crochet and it will stand up to any abuse that it might take from doing battle with the dalek.

This was worked with yellow yarn.
Ch 24
1-14. Sc all
15. *Sc2 Sc2Tog. Repeat from *
16. *Sc1 Sc2Tog. Repeat from *
Break the yarn and work it through the last stitch.

This is the going to give an egg shaped head. I think I would have prefered a standard round head instead.
This was worked with flesh colored yarn.
1. magic ring to make 6 Sc stitches
2. 2Sc in each St (12 sts)
3. Sc around. (skip this row if you want a round head)
4. *Sc in next st, 2 Sc into next st) repeat * (18 sts)
5. Sc around. (skip this row if you want a round head)
6. *Sc into each of the next 2 sts, 2 Sc in next st. Repeat * (24 sts)
7. *Sc into each of the next 3 sts, 2 Sc in next st. Repeat * (30 sts)
8-14. Sc around
15. *Sc into next 3 sts, Sc2Tog. Repeat * (24 sts)
16. *Sc into next 2 sts, Sc2Tog. Repeat * (18 sts)
17. *Sc into next st, Sc2Tog. Repeat * (12 sts)
Break the yarn and work it through the last st.

Arms Make 2
Using flesh colored yarn, Ch 2.

1. Magic ring 4 St (4 sts)
2. *2Sc into next st. Repeat * (8 sts)
3-4. Sc around
5. *Sc2Tog. Repeat * (4 sts) Stuff Hand
Change to yellow shirt color
6. *2Sc in next st. Repeat * (8 sts)
7. *Sc in each of the next 3 sts, 2 Sc in next st. Repeat * (10 sts)
8-13. Sc around.
Break yarn and work it through the final sts. Stuff the arms.

Pu 24 sts from the bottom of the body.
1-2. Sc
3. *Sc next 3 sts, Sc2Tog. repeat* (18 sts)
4. * Sc next 2 sts, Sc2Tog. repeat* (12 sts)

Break yarn, leaving a long tail. Using a yarn needle stitch up the bottom so only the neck is open. Go ahead and stuff the body.

Feet and Legs Make 2
In black Ch 2
1. Magic Ring 5 (5 Sts)
2. 2Sc in first St, hdc in next st, 3 dc in next st, hdc in next st, 2 sc in last st. (9 sts)
3. 2 Sc in first St, sc in each of the next 3 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in each of the next 3 sts, 2 sc in last st. (12 sts)
4. 2 Sc in next st, sc in each of the next 3 sts, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc in each of the next 3 sts, 2 sc in last st (12 sts)
5. Sc in first st, sc2tog, sc in each of the next 6 sts, sc2tog, sc in last st. (10 sts)
6. Sc in each of the next 8 sts, sc2tog. (9 sts)
7. Sc2Tog, sc in each of the next 7 sts. (8 sts)
Stuff shoe
Using brown yarn for pants
8. *Sc in next st, 2Sc in next st. Repeat * (12 sts)
9. Sc around
10. Sc in next 4 sts. Sc2tog, sc in the next 4 sts, sc2tog (10 sts)
11-15. Sc around (you can do additional rounds till the legs are the length you want. 15 was enough for me).
Break yarn and work through final sts. Stuff legs.

Make sure Arms and Legs are stuffed and sew them onto the body. I used safety eyes for the doctor. To do the hair. I did a Sc starting in the middle of the head and spiraling around. I pulled a loop out as I finished each Sc And held it while I did the next Sc.

After the hair has been put and the head stuffed, sew the head on to the body.

Now for the fun part, making the Coat and scarf.

Sleeve Make 2
I did this in red.
1. Ch 13, Sl 1 to join round
2-11. Sc or until desired sleeve length.
Break yarn and work through last sts.

Coat Body
In red
Ch 21
1. Sc
2. Sc1 Sl4 Sc11 Sl4 Sc1
3.Sc1 Ch4 Sc11 Ch4 Sc1 (Rows 2 and 3 will make arm holes)
4 -? Sc all
I stopped when the coat measured 3.5 inches.
Break yarn and work thought last st.

Sew Sleeves onto Coat and make sure it fits ok on the doctor.

Use whatever colors you have
1-? Sc all
Make the scarf long enough to wrap around the doctor. I also put a little fringe on the end.

I have not tested this pattern for errors. Please let me know if you find any.

Jayne Hat

My husband is a big fan of firefly and I’ve been wanting to make a Jayne hat for him for a while. I finally got to make one during the holiday break. I used this pattern.

The hat itself was easy to make. And I think it turned out pretty nice. Cinnamon, however, was not impressed.

Now we just need to go back and watch the episode of firefly that Jayne gets his hat from Ma Cobb.

Viking hats

When I saw the dwarven battle bonnet pattern on craftzine, I knew I needed to make one for my dad. While I was making his, I decided to make a matching one for my mom.

My dad’s hat was made using the standard pattern. My mom’s hat was made using the same helmet pattern but then I added the long braids and viking horns.

The hats were lots of fun to make and I’m sure my parents will have a fun time wearing them.

Special Olympics charity scarf

The SnB that I belong to tries to do several charity activities each year. Currently we are making scarves for the special olympics.

Charity scarf
This scarf was made using long rows of double crochet in alternating colors. I then went back over the finished scarf body and added a decorative edging and fringe along the bottom.

I always enjoy making charity items quite a bit and often wonder where the items end up. I hope who ever receives the scarf enjoys it.

baby blankets

I made these simple crocheted baby blankets for two of my co-workers. The baby blankets were made with a simple double crochet stitch, alternating colors after every 2 rows. The blankets were finished with a shell stitch along the edge.

Knitting Needle bag

For the last 6 years I’ve amassed many knitting needles and I’ve let them run free throughout the house. But I just have too many now to allow free range needles, so I’ve made a home for them.

I was able to use leftover material from the spongebob house project. The bag is made with spots for all of the standard needle sizes. And it rolls up for easy storage.

Sure, I missing having the needles roam free…but it sure will be nice to be able to find them when I need them.

Doctor Who

How much do I love Doctor Who…Enough to knit a Dalek. When I saw the pattern for Extermaknits I knew I needed to make one. The timing of it happened to work out well, so that my mom ended up receiving the finished dalek for her birthday. Happy birthday Mom!!


Halloween amigurumi

So I’ve tried my hand at amigurumi and it is fairly easy. I started with just a regular bunny amigurumi pattern. Then once it was finished I made a halloween costume for it.

halloween bunny

Making the costume was easy. For the hat I started with just a flat circle. I left two holes in the top of it for the ears to stick through. Then I picked up a circle of stitches where I wanted the base of the hat to be and just worked up decreasing to give it a pointy look.
The cape was even easier. I started at the neck and made a chain long enough to tie around the bunnies neck and make a bow. Then I picked up stitches in the middle (enough stitches to go around the bunnies shoulders. Then I increased every row until it was the desired length.

Easy and Cute!

Learning to crochet

So after 5 years of knitting, I finally decided that it was time to learn to crochet. My first project was a scarf of crochet flowers.

crochet scarf

Crochet turned out to be pretty easy, but I can see how it would be difficult to crochet with any type of textured yarn. I am looking forward to making some nice open mesh sweaters.