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Happy Valentines Day

I got the VERY Best Valentines day present ever today! My husband and son both made self portraits in the form of little felt finger puppets. I was sooo surprised and I love them.

I love the candy too…

Craft Fair and Finger Puppets

My company had a craft fair back in december. This is the first craft fair that I have ever attended as a participant and it was a lot of fun. We were given an opportunity to sell some of our handmade items (with some of the proceeds going to the local boys and girls club) and we also got to do demonstrations of our crafts.

I thought a long time about what I wanted to demonstrate. I figured no one really wanted to watch me knit or embroider. So I thought it would be fun to do a hands-on make-and-take item for people to do and get to take with them.

The problem with this is, it needed to be something easy that people could make. I’ve found it take about 2 hours to teach someone how to knit. And that just gets them to the point that they can go home and wrestle with it. I taught a brief embroidery class at my SnB last year and it takes about 30-45 mins for people to work through some basic stitches. All these things take time to learn and then time to practice. We weren’t going to have either of those for this event. So I decided that a super easy activity would be some type of felt applique. That lead me to search around for felt crafts and I found two great examples of monster finger puppets at the following sites:

mahar dry goods and
emotional moster finger puppets at etsy.

I didn’t get a chance to make any like this, but I love the designs.

I spent about a week making finger puppets at night to have examples and to get the supplies together for the craft fair.

(My favorite is the red one because he is freaking out)

I also made a Gene Simons but he isn’t technically a monster.

Everyone that made a finger puppet had a great time and I got a lot of comments about how easy they were to make. I enjoyed making them also.

Handmade Christmas Gifts

One of my goals this Christmas was to make all of the christmas gifts that I gave to adults. And I think they turned out pretty good this year. I’ve been extremely busy making stuff and I’m just now catching my breath from trying to turn out so many different things. Here are some of the things I made:
Christmas Gifts

I crocheted two wraps. One was a fuzzy pink and the other a glittery gold.
gold wrap

pink wrap

I embroidered a set of cloth napkins with designs from sublime stitching. They were made using the monkey love pattern and I think they turned out super cute.

monkey napkins

I’ve also been doing some sewing lately and put together these placemats with matching napkins. I’m rather new to sewing so this was a bit of a learning exercise. But I was very pleased with the results.

placemats and napkins

Felt applique christmas ornaments

With the summer tempertures reaching close to a billion degrees, I haven’t really been doing much knitting. I’ve been sticking with embroidery. Once I finished up all of the towel projects that I had put together, I was looking for something else to work on until it cooled off.

I actually got these felt applique ornaments 6 or 7 years ago. I had made some of them, but then I discovered knitting and I haven’t worked on them since. Well, I finished off two packs of them.

There are these cute bears

polar bear ornaments

and these sequins ornaments.
sequins ornaments

They look nice and my goal is to eventually have nothing but hand made (or heirloom) ornaments on my tree.

I’m also really pleased to have finished up two packets of projects. I just need to finish up the other 3 packets of felt applique now. At least I’m almost half way finished with them.

Unfortuately the temperature has now dropped below 90 so I’ve started knitting again. Maybe I’ll get the rest finished next summer.

Embroidery Caddy

I saw a posting for embroidery arm rest cover on craft link. Since I’ve been doing a fair amount of embroider recently I decided I would put one of these together.

I’ve been using my caddy for about a week now and I’m really enjoying it.
embroidery caddy

I think my favorite features are the little cup that acts as a trash can (This has been especially useful since I’ve been doing some felt applique and in the past I’ve ended up with little bits of felt all over the place) and that my little pointy, sharp scissors have some where to go and don’t end up sliding off of the couch and jabbing me in the leg. Hurray!!!

embroidery caddy

I’ve also include some large pockets on the back side of the caddy.

But despite all my new pockets it still hasn’t really taken a dent out of the crafting explosion that has happened around my chair.

embroidery caddy
embroidery caddy

Now I’m not saying that I have a problem with my crafting maybe getting a little out of control. I think my problem is not getting stuff done quickly enough…or more likely starting more projects without finishing all the ones that are half done.

Silk Screening – AIR shirt

So I tried my hand at silk screening a little bit ago. I put together my screen the hard way — I traced the image and then filled in the negative space with screen filler. For my first silk screening I decided to make an AIR shirt (art is resistance). This is part of the Year Zero project by Nine Inch Nails. Its a relatively simple design and made an excellent first project for me.

I started by printing out the AIR flag and traced it on to my silk screen.

AIR silk screen trace

Then I filled in the screen completely with the screen filler.

AIR silk screen frame

After the screen was completely dry I printed my shirt.

Finished AIR shirt

Sewing Box

I had this sewing box when I was a kid.
Yellow Sewing Box
Yellow Sewing Box with Cat

It’s one of the many childhood items that have made their way back to me (my parents don’t want to keep this stuff anymore). So it’s just been sitting in the closet not getting used because my crafting has far exceeded the size of this box. BUT my kid has started sewing and I thought that might be a good use for the sewing box. The problem is I have a son and yellow flowers just aren’t his style. So I decided that I would update the box for him.

I started by spray painting it black.
Sewing box getting spray painted

It was at this point that I panicked a little bit. I was kinda feeling that spray painting it was a mistake, but I was already committed at this point so I continued.

Next I made an alien head stencil and I stencil the heads. After the paint dried I hand painted the eyes.

Finished Alien Sewing Box

I think the finished box turned out pretty cute. Its much more suited for an 8 year old boy and I like it too.