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Cleopatra costume


As much as I love to sew, I REALLY love to make costumes. This year I decided to go with Cleopatra. I used Mccall’s M4954 to make this costume.

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. I did make some changes to it. Instead of using a gold fabric I used a gold pleather. It was really easy to work with and added a nice texture to the gold pieces of the costume. I also went with the main costume being black. I know it should have been white, but I just can’t pull off that color. Plus with all of the rain we have been getting there is no way I’m walking around the neighborhood in a full length white dress.

I also did hand bead work around the color and on the head piece.


And across the belt I did hand embroidery of Egyptian symbols. The embroidery itself was very simple, but because I was embroidering pleather, I wasn’t able to trace my pattern on the material. So I had to do the embroidery with out a pattern on the fabric. It turned out ok and only a few of the circles turned out a little wonky.

Over all I’m quiet pleased with the way this turned out. Looking forward to wearing it next week.

Shoe and Hat Dress


I’ve been playing with ideas about making this dress for a while. I started by doing sketches of the dress. The idea was a sleeveless dress that actually had a white shirt built in underneath it (so it wasn’t actually sleeveless). One day while looking through some patterns, I found vogue pattern 8313.


This was almost exactly what I was looking for so I got it and decided to use it to make my dress.

The fabric is this lovely sheer striped fabric with graphics of shoes and hats in pink. The shirt part of the dress is done in a white cotton as is the dress lining.

I also did a rolled hem along the bottom.


This was the first time I ever did a rolled hem, so there was a little trial and error trying to get it to work correctly.

Over all I’m happy with the way this dress turned out. The pattern was fairly easy to follow. It would have been much easier to put together if I hadn’t been overlaying a very sheer (difficult to work with fabric) over top of a cotton. This dress also would have gone together easier with a solid color fabric. The dress was supposed to have darts in the the front and back. Because of the vertical strips I wasn’t able to put the darts in the sheer fabric (I did put them in the cotton lining though). So I had to do the dress sharping through the side seems.

Wrap Dress

I just finished making this dress. I used Very Easy Vogue pattern # V8379 as my guide.

I used a super stretchy navy blue knit. And it was a very easy pattern. There were 4 pleats in the front of the dress, I think that was the most complicated detail in it. The pattern was good, except I thought it left out an important detail. This is a wrap dress, so there needed to be a place for one of the ties to come through the dress. I just left a hole at the seam on one of the sides and it was fine. I think the interfacing on the facing turned out a little too stiff. It will relax with wear, but next time I might use a lighter weight interfacing so it has more bend.

The dress also has a nice split cuff detail on the sleeves.

I would guess it took me about 12 hours start to finish to make the dress. I also overcast all of the raw edges so that added to the time.

Very Nice. I will likely end up with more then one of these dresses in my closet.

Knitting Needle bag

For the last 6 years I’ve amassed many knitting needles and I’ve let them run free throughout the house. But I just have too many now to allow free range needles, so I’ve made a home for them.

I was able to use leftover material from the spongebob house project. The bag is made with spots for all of the standard needle sizes. And it rolls up for easy storage.

Sure, I missing having the needles roam free…but it sure will be nice to be able to find them when I need them.

Mouse pincushion

I’ve seen a few of these around the interwebs, and I have finally gotten around to making one for myself.

My wrist pincushion is made from a fuzzy pink material and white felt. I used pink ribbon to create the wrist strap and it has a velcro closure.

It only took an hour or so to make, but it has already turned out to be an extremely useful tool.

Black Dress

I’ve been doing a fair amount of sewing lately and I’ve just finished up a dress. I made this using very easy vogue pattern V8443.

I am by no means an expert when it comes to sewing, but I have to say in NO WAY was this dress a very easy pattern. There were so many pleats and darts in this patern, plus the sleaves were a strange and compicated design. I think my main disappointment in this pattern was my expectation that I might have the dress finished in a few days.

That being said, I think the finished design turned out nice. And I might make another dress roughly based off of this pattern. If I did make another one, I would probably leave out the pleats in the skirt and just gather it or just reduce the over all size around the wasit so it wouldn’t need to be gathered or pleated. I would also change the sleeve design to something different. Maybe a cap sleeve or just a simple short or 3/4 sleeve.

SpongeBob Houses

This has been the longest and most ambitious project to date. Last December (2006), I decided to make an upholstered backboard to my son’s bed with the houses from spongebob on it.

I started by getting a large sheet of plywood and marking the size that I wanted the finished board to be. Then I drew each of the houses on the board.
spongebob house1

I used these drawings as the template for all of the pieces. I started by roughly laying out the roads and walk ways.
spongebob house2

Then I made the background and laid the roads out on it.
spongebob house3

Then I used white tissue paper to make the patterns of the houses. It was around this point in time that I panicked and stopped working on the houses. I wasn’t sure how to put the stuff together to make it look right. Looking back on it, that was probably the right thing to do. I was able to move on with some other sewing projects and got a little more experience.

I picked the project back up in January (2008) and was determined to finish it before my son outgrew spongebob.

I put together the three houses.

Patrick’s was the easiest (being a rock) and squidward’s was also not too bad.
spongebob house4

Spongebob’s house had a lot of detail to it so it took a little longer to put together.

I used fabric glue to attach ribbon to the cut out fabric, to give that pineapple look.
spongebob house6

Then I made the top to the pineapple.
spongebob house5

Once all of the houses were sewed, I needed to permanently attach everything to the background. Once again, I turned to my handy fabric glue. Since all of the houses were stuffed, I had to weigh them down during the gluing process.
spongebob house7
I was also happy to give my old physics book and my husband’s old os/2 book a purpose in life again.

With the fabric part of the project done, I needed to turn my attention to the frame that it would live. I used foam batting to upholster the wood.

spongebob house8

Then I covered the entire thing in a twin sized vinyl mattress cover (I wanted to try and make this as allergy friendly as I could).

Then I needed some assistance. The actual upholstery job ended up taking 3 people. Here is my mom while we were working on attaching everything to the wood.
spongebob house9

And at last…after almost a year and a half it was finished.

spongebob house10

We attached it to the wall, put the bed next to it and it ended up a very spongebob happy place.

spongebob house11

Christmas Sewing

I purchased a vogue craft pattern (V7986) several years ago, and just got around to making some of the items this year. I’m so happy that I got this pattern when I did, because it seems to be out of print now.

The 1st item I made was a mantle scarf. I’m still rather new to sewing, and I was a little concerned about actually being able to make it. But it was easy and turned out really nice.

mantle scarf
(Just in case you were wondering, the beautiful topiaries were made by my mom)

After conquering the mantle scarf, I moved on to a table runner. The table runner was super easy to put together. Infact, I was able to make it one evening after work.
table runner