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I went to a baby shower for one of my college roommates. I of course wanted to give her some hand made items. So I made a hat, socks and a baby blanket.

The baby blanket was made using a granny square pattern, but I just made one very large granny square(instead of many small ones connected with a border between them). I alternated rows in blues, browns and whites.

Standard granny square pattern:

to start:
ch4, join the 1st and last with a sl st.

round 1: ch3, 2dc into ring, ch2, 3 dc into ring, ch2, 3 dc into ring, ch 2, 3 dc into ring, ch2. Join to the beginning of the round with a sl st.

round 2: sl st the next 2sts, ch3, 2dc (don’t dc into the stitches, they need to go in the open space). ch2 (for the corners) , 3dc, ch1. Continue this pattern for the rest of the round.

All other rounds: sl st to the next corner space. 3dc, 2 ch, 3dc for the corners and 1ch 3 dc 1ch for the sides.

Just keep doing rounds until the blanket is the desired size. The blanket was finished with a standard shell stitch edging.

Shell stitch. ch3 dc5 (into the same st) ch3 sc. repeat that pattern all the way around.

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