Shoe and Hat Dress


I’ve been playing with ideas about making this dress for a while. I started by doing sketches of the dress. The idea was a sleeveless dress that actually had a white shirt built in underneath it (so it wasn’t actually sleeveless). One day while looking through some patterns, I found vogue pattern 8313.


This was almost exactly what I was looking for so I got it and decided to use it to make my dress.

The fabric is this lovely sheer striped fabric with graphics of shoes and hats in pink. The shirt part of the dress is done in a white cotton as is the dress lining.

I also did a rolled hem along the bottom.


This was the first time I ever did a rolled hem, so there was a little trial and error trying to get it to work correctly.

Over all I’m happy with the way this dress turned out. The pattern was fairly easy to follow. It would have been much easier to put together if I hadn’t been overlaying a very sheer (difficult to work with fabric) over top of a cotton. This dress also would have gone together easier with a solid color fabric. The dress was supposed to have darts in the the front and back. Because of the vertical strips I wasn’t able to put the darts in the sheer fabric (I did put them in the cotton lining though). So I had to do the dress sharping through the side seems.

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