Cleopatra costume


As much as I love to sew, I REALLY love to make costumes. This year I decided to go with Cleopatra. I used Mccall’s M4954 to make this costume.

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. I did make some changes to it. Instead of using a gold fabric I used a gold pleather. It was really easy to work with and added a nice texture to the gold pieces of the costume. I also went with the main costume being black. I know it should have been white, but I just can’t pull off that color. Plus with all of the rain we have been getting there is no way I’m walking around the neighborhood in a full length white dress.

I also did hand bead work around the color and on the head piece.


And across the belt I did hand embroidery of Egyptian symbols. The embroidery itself was very simple, but because I was embroidering pleather, I wasn’t able to trace my pattern on the material. So I had to do the embroidery with out a pattern on the fabric. It turned out ok and only a few of the circles turned out a little wonky.

Over all I’m quiet pleased with the way this turned out. Looking forward to wearing it next week.

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